UVM Device Physics

Welcome to the Device Physics Lab Homepage!

Here you can find a public repository of materials data for organic optoelectronics. Four categories of data are provided, according to availability: physical, electronic, optical and chemical. Examples of data that may be found are summarized below.

If you wish to have your data added to this database, send an email to david.allemeier@uvm.edu or mwhite25@uvm.edu!

Physical Properties

  • Molecular/Atomic Weight
  • Polymorphs
  • Melting/Sublimation Point
  • Glass Transition

Electronic Properties

  • Electron/Hole Mobility
  • HOMO/LUMO Levels
  • Work Function
  • Dielectric Constant

Optical Properties

  • Complex index of refraction (Ellipsometry)
  • Electroluminescence
  • Absorption/Emission Spectra
  • Photoluminescence Lifetime

Chemical Properties

  • Derivatives
  • Solvent Interactions
  • Sythesis
  • MSDS
Thermal evaporator system and glovebox